How To Run GTA 5 on Low End Pc – Ravishiantech

Gta 5 For Low End pc – Ravishiantech

In this Blog, we are going to use Open IV for editing the game with some mods so that you can play on 60 fps or even more. This is a step by step tutorial video for getting massively high fps, but if you try to go online or play multiplayer, I’m afraid you will be banned. So we are using GTA 5 For Super Low PC’s mod and using Super Low Settings with HD Low End mode to make your game playable. You can use gamebooser to gain some extra fps, but its completely optional.

Useful Links –

OpenIV Tool: click here

GTA5 For Super Low PCs:Click here

Super Low Settings :- click here

HD Low End: click here

GameBooster – Click here

My PC specs:-

CPU: Intel I3 3110M


VIDEO: Intel HD Graphics 4000

You can always make any game work in any PC if you are dedicated and do not mind the lack of graphics and compromising on the responsiveness.

You should install GTA 5 (legally 😉 )

Turn all the settings to low, Disable AA, FXAA, PXAA, Turn the Draw distance all the way down, and depending on your monitor’s native resolution support, Turn the Game resolution down to 640×800 or 1080x720p.

That should be enough for the machine to crank out a solid 15–20 fps, Enough for you to wreck the whole city as TREVOR or just take your dog for a walk as FRANKLIN!

Gta 5 Download Highly Compress – Click Here

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