How to Become a Ethical Hacker

  • Computer Knowledge – How computer Work , What is bios What is Booting , How can install Operating System, What is File system , D/f Between 32bit & 64bit many more
  • Networking – in ethical Hacking Networking is Big Role , Thing you Should need To learn { Switch Modem ,Router, Hub , What is topology , IP adress , DHCP , Vpn ,Proxy , Mac adress and many more }
  • OS Knowledge – You have to learn many types Operating system , Hacker are not only use Window Operating system there are many types of operating system { linux , Kali linux , parrot security , and mac os }
  • Cyber LawCyberlaw is important . it touches almost all aspects of transactions and activities on and concerning the Internet, Initially it may seem that Cyberlaws is a very technical field
  • Programming Language – You have to learn each and every language main language like { Python ,c++ ,c, Ruby, Perl, Java ,Php}
  • Social Engineering – Social Engineering is an assault vector that depends intensely on human association and regularly includes controlling individuals into breaking ordinary security techniques and best practices so as to access frameworks, systems or physical areas, or for monetary profit.